Managing Documents

So, I had an epiphany after speaking with a guy the other day. Oh man, how I wanted to reach out to him about the idea but I didn’t see him on any of the Linux lists. I thought his name was Bill. Maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, were discussing file management among other things. Tonight, I really had an idea that could work.

Well, it’s so simple.
Project Management. I understand that this has been used as a tool before. I was thinking about a project someone told me about where he used git for documents.

A project management tool that is actually a file management tool. Hear me out. This isn’t some lame Sharepoint type project management document management file management tool per se but perhaps an application like no other.

Within the construct of the project management application, the documents would reside in versions in an organized manner laterally. At each milestone, new versions are added. Not some horrible like clickity click click where is that file system but a really organized Timeline like structure. I wished tonight that I could brainstorm this with “Bill” (I think that was his name) because he seems like one of few who actually use his brain.