Social engineer? Me… nah

After much insistence by my associates, I have come to the conclusion that yes, I do this and I guess I do it well.

Let’s think about the background …

1. Grew up broke
2. Father turned over millions in electronics engineering as President and Founder
3. Could go anywhere and do anything and get away with it in a small town
4. Ended up broke and penniless – Nothing to lose – Could go anywhere and do anything – No worries
5. Moved from East Coast to West – Adapted to new environment
6. Moved from West Coast to East – Adapted back to different culture and wow… what a difference!
7. Communications degree
8. Technology grad degree
9. Interview and writing skills from years of experience.
10. Mother worked in court system for 25 years.

Story 1:
I was a student, a single mom and I wanted to stay in Connecticut after my degree. Computer sciences corporation was paying pennies on the dollar, a measly 30k for a degree in Comp Sci. Please. The year was 2000. Jobs were plenty all over the country. So, I headed to Hartford with copies of my resume in hand. I wanted to find a software company or somewhere my skills would be useful. I found a company in Hartford as I was driving through. It was early morning. There was a large black steel fence surrounding the offices. I fit through the bars.
Next was getting in to see someone to hand my resume. I managed to get the attention of the man who was buffing the floor. He let me in. I stood by the elevator and saw that software was on the 3rd floor. I got in the elevator after a couple of people and got out the 3rd floor.

I handed my resume to the reception lady who said, “How did you get up here!”
I told her.
“The elevator” I don’t usually take stairs anyway. LOL
She said, “I mean, how did you get in the elevator!”
I said, “I just walked in.”
That’s when she started to get upset.

“This is a highly restricted and secure facility. Now tell me how you got in here before I call for security!”

I was astonished and confused. I wasn’t even trying to get in.
I said to her, “Look, I’m just a student trying to get a job. I had no idea this was a restricted area. I’ll leave but here’s my resume. Obviously, you could use someone like me, if this is as restricted as you claim.”

“I need to know how you got in, exactly.”

I said, “Listen, I didn’t break in or anything. I saw the gate and it was accessible. I went through. I couldn’t get in the door, so I got the attention of someone inside and was let in. Then, I got on the elevator with the others. Here I am.”

“Who let you in the door.”
“I don’t know the person’s name.”

She really wanted to know and I really wasn’t going to tell her.

Needless to say, they never called me.
Restricted Access… LMAO

At least put up a no trespassing sign or something… hahahahahahahaha

P.S. I always loved picking locks and escaping locked situations… that is… as a kid.