Seattle LUG – Not … exactly

So, I did not exactly attend the Seattle LUG but I did have a few minutes to hang out with the Greater Seattle LUG president. He was ultra cool and smart. Also, he was wearing a kilt FTW!

After the Security Summit, he, Nate Downes and I hung out for a short while. He was telling me about SEAGL.
I hope I can check it out at the end of October… but I am not sure I can get up there.

I can say this, when I left speaking with the Seattle LUG president, I walked away with a few things:

1. I may never be replaced as Interim LUG President. It could be years!
2. He gave me hope for the club.
3. He assisted me in realizing that a conference is not that tough to coordinate. After all, I was events coordinator back in the day at Pearson and did a lot of Events coordinating at Microchip with Marc.
4. Some men do look good in a kilt! 🙂

The bottom line was – I wanted to go. He got me excited about the event. This was fantastic. I wish I could have gotten his pic. Oh Well… Here’s another pic of my badge…