Denver was awesome!


The LUG there is run by a guy named Griz. He’s awesome.
The even was held at McAfee which is actually owned by Intel now.
The actual location was in Englewood.

There were free beverages but more importantly, there was great discussion. The people at this LUG really really rocked!

I’d love to be a part of this LUG…
It wasn’t too cooold the days I was in Denver, but wow… I heard it was below 0 the week before.

Here is the really strange part….

I booked the Radisson which is also Red Lion. I got the hotel on Priceline.The hotel was about 10 miles away from the Englewood meeting. The rail system was awesome and a really great guy gave me a ride back to the hotel.

That was when I found out the strange part…

The hotel I was staying at (about 10 miles away from the LUG meeting) was actually where they used to hold the LUG meetings.

OMG!!!! That was so weird and awesome!!!

Here’s the Presentation!


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