Reconfigure the default from Copyrighted to Free!

Sony Bono Act…
Extension Act…

If the default is copyright:
How can they post a term limit on anonymous or pseudonym post?
How can they extend a term limit on anonymous or pseudonym post?
They need to because the work is automatically copyrighted.
If these posts are automatically copyrighted and the term is life + 70 or whatever, then, how if a post is anonymous can that be considered copyrighted materials at all?
How can anon posts be considered copyrighted?
What kind of crazy shit is this?!

Why would the default be copyright?
Why would the US default for any creative works be – Copyrighted?
What other country acts this way?
Honestly. What is the purpose or logic behind automatically making anything we do – permission based. This doesn’t match anything else in our lives, in our laws, in our rules or in the way we live.

Think about it. We are innocent until Proven guilty. We are free until we are not free.
Why wouldn’t our content be free until not free?

We are born naked, screaming and crying as we enter this world. We are not locked up and chained, but cleaned up and refreshed, swaddled in a warm blanket as we are gently given a soft place in this world to land our heads.

Our works – are not. They are imprisoned by copyright upon immediate birth. From inception our creative works are prisoners in a world where censorship rules.

Is the excuse based on promotion of the arts and sciences? Because with Trent Reznor and a lot of other artists, we note that copyright is NOT a basis for success.

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