Sunland LUG – November 2014

So, this November – November 12, I did attend the Sunland LUG. There were a few more people this month than in past months. I did miss the October meeting and will miss the December meeting. In Dec., I am speaking to Colorado LUG about Free Culture. I am hoping to get the video equipment working so I can show them some exclusive video from the past. That’s me… a blast from the past.

I thoroughly enjoyed the LUG at Sunland.
The topic was basically what people would like to see and learn. It was great!

I hope to visit their LUG again sometime because I never leave there without feeling good and learning something. This is a great LUG!

They discussed shaving the time to 1.5 hours.
They discussed a lot of interesting topics.
I really liked the one guy who helped them with one command to recursively search. I think he is on the right track. If you teach them one command line command, maybe, eventually, the users will be more comfortable with command line.

I would be happy to demostrate Mint to the group. However, these are users more comfortable with desktop and not servers, with gui and not command line. I think it’s great to see the diversity of user experience.

From them, I begin to understand what users want. I begin to understand how the simplicity can be valued over options and complexity. It is a very awesome experience for me. Also, a couple of the guys are a HOOT!

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