How I moved to the IT department or OMG – I found a pedophile – and then he tried to hunt me down

So, it was a couple of years ago that Kim found me. I wanted to visit with her but have since lost her contact information. You see, Kim and I were the best of friends when I was about 18 years old. I started dating this guy who was going to England, Aaron. He was as fine as a warm summer day but as usual, he was a dog. I mean, he had these beautiful dirty blond locks. I remember when we were first dating I picked him up in the rain and he looked like a drowned cat.

Things were great, or so I thought.
The problem with being rich or having a rich family is… you never know who really cares about you and who is just after your stuff. I never wanted to live like someone who thought everyone was after money. I wanted to believe people were better than that. I was wrong time and time again.

So, anyway, I was supposed to go to Florida to be with Aaron but then, ended up in W. Virginia with his family. Aaron was strange and would ask me questions while I slept. I do talk in my sleep. So, I locked the door one day and he broke it down. His father freaked out. I was freakin out myself. Anyway, having never experienced the joy of a welfare situation, I had a hard time dealing with these people on food stamps who actually asked me to cook. Bahahaha. I ordered in. They were not happy.

So, long and short was I asked my friends to come get me. I told them about the food stamps and they were on their way! Kim and Don drove all the way from Connecticut to get me. Of course, dad gave them some money for the trip.

And I experienced Appalachia. Hey, it was… interesting.

Why I continued to be attracted and date white men for most of my life is still an enigma.

Anyway, Kim called me up:
Marcia. Jeff disappeared. He took my mother’s car, no one knows where he is. But there’s more.

Me: Is something wrong?
Kim: Yes, he’s not in his right mind, Marcia.

She had that thick accent going on.

Kim: We went to his place. He had pages and pages written on it about you.
Me: Huh? About me?
Kim: It said, Marcia in AZ hacked my computer. Like over and over. It was crazy. I’m worried he might be coming your way.
Me: Oh My God. I did hack his computer. That was over 10 years ago.
Kim: Well, he wrote it like it happened recently. He might think you did it again.
Me: So what is he driving….

details to be prepared.
Loading Glock… one in chamber…

So here’s what happened.

I was actually dating Jeff. The last time I ever dated a coworker!
He was my friend’s brother. I knew him from when I was a teen.
I knew his wife before the divorce, Kim’s uncle, Jeff’s brother, his mom.

What I didn’t know was he was a perv, a child molester.
Fortunately, he never had a chance to hurt my kids.

The fact that it came so close scared the shit out of me.
He had asked me to marry him. The ring was huge. He had lots of money. He was doing well.
My mother liked him.

So, what happened was, I was offered a job in NYC for a lot of money.
He got me a job at the college library.
He was my boss. No matter.

He told me I could use his computer at work to do my homework.
I was with the math tutors and we wanted to listen to some music.

He said I could use the computer..

However, he had put on a screensaver password, there was the computer password and then he had a bios password. I got in using brute force on the bios password. For some reason, I was so determined, I would have gotten in with a hardware crack if I had to.

So, I go to listen to some music.
We see a strange file format in “recent”.
I state I had never seen that format. It was porn – child porn.

The one tutor took off like a bat out of hell. I cannot blame her. The other one discussed what I might do. First I tried to call him. I know… what was I thinking? Then, I called the cops. The cops said there was nothing they could do. Then, I decided to talk to the director and possibly dean in the morning when the cops called me back.

They came by and forced me to look at the pictures again. A little Asian girl. A blond girl and many more. I was freaking out because his daughter was 1/2 Asian.

The cops took the computer. I had to call the director. In 2 days, they transferred me to the IT department where I was constantly teased about bios issues and passwords. It was a good teasing. Lots of fun…

So, the state troopies could not hack in and asked me to help them get into the system.
I considered a career in forensics. But.. no.

All I know was that sick fuck was going to take my kids to the State fair that weekend. Alone. Who knows what would have happened. I thank God every day for saving them from that.

In the end, I discovered, he was accused by a little girl who they put in a mental home because they thought she was lying. His wife accused him and no one believed her. Kim didn’t see her nieces for years. She thanked me for calling the cops because then she got to see her nieces again. Another lady he was dating at the same time called me. We had spoke before.

She told me that Jeff and his brother told her not to talk to me. So, she knew she had to. I told her what happened and all she said was, “Oh My God. I have to call the Colchester Police, I have to call the Colchester police.” and hung up.

I contacted a group who went after pedophiles. It was 1998. I told them what happened. Their response was, “what can you do for us”. If I didn’t have children, I would gladly go after the sleezes. However, I couldn’t stand knowing those children were out there. That someone was hurting them and I could not find them and save them. It was a really hard place to be. I didn’t want to put my own self and kids in harm’s way. I was already trying to keep them safe.

Anyway, that was my segue to IT.

I did forget to mention that Jeff did contact me a couple times after the “incident”. 1. He told me he was going to say I put those on his computer. I told him they were time stamped and from the time sheets, it was obvious he was working that shift, not me.

2. He called me when he was attempting suicide a few months later.
Honestly, if it would mean no other people would be harmed – Go for it.

Update: Jeff was located in Ohio or something.
He died in January 2016.