People Eating Tasty Animals

I recently read that “In 1999, Seagal was awarded a PETA Humanitarian Award.”

In 2011 he raided a house and allegedly killed 100 or so roosters and an 11 month old puppy was allegedly shot and killed.

…very interesting…


One day, these people were selling puppies in front of the Chevron in San Tan Valley. Every time I went into the store, someone was bothering me about it.

It got to a point. I’m here to get a beverage or gas… not a puppy.

I was with my daughter – she passes. I am 1/2 Japanese and look quite Asiatic.

So, the young man asked me if I wanted to buy a puppy. I said in a thick Japanese accent, “ohhh. I no know. He so small and skinny. Not a lot of meat.”

The horrified look on faces of all present (except my daughter holding back her laughter) and the way this young man brought the dog close to his chest hugging the pup was PRICELESS!

They never asked me again.