I know what I am

Near father’s day, I think about my dad. I think about him talking to Noel Lee on the phone… joking. He sent a book called, “Everything I know about wire” to him – mr. Head Monster. His son sure in the fuck didn’t take off… rebel and he had a cush life.

I’m losing hope now.

30 years – I don’t think I’ll find that life insurance policy at this point… hehe

Wire wasn’t my thing anyway.  I could get into speakers.

“this is a terrible field for a woman” he told me. He was right. Sawdust factory, spools of wire, and then there was that time we found that rat in the warehouse!

At this point, I’ve had some success. I can say, there were people who were so kind to me, when they thought I still was worth a lot… I know who they are. I have witnessed and experienced genuine kindness. That’s something. At least being poor or average, I was able to see people for who they are. I was treated like anyone else – yea that kinda stung a bit.