Faces of a Free Software Family

You cannot have an ordinary life and an extraordinary life at the same time. – aicra

I don’t regret a single moment.

Even though I’m totally unknown and judgement-proof and anon. These are 2 good guys.

17 years after

^^ The writer


^^The Guru

Here’s another WIP…

^^The savant – son to 2 developer activists… we shall see. Currently Teen Nerd Bird!

The code poet -> Shocked surprised proud and disappointed – this one scripted a patch for his game at 7… WTH! Disappointed because it was VB…


My one – my daughter. My dying flower. My hacker. She made the Pringles can antenna on her own by 18.

She is a rare flower with a rare disease.

^^ My legacy. Maybe I’m couldn’t change the world… find love… or make the world a better place, but I tried – and do love these kids. Justina, William, Cordell, Zack and Alex – The faces of “family”

Their Mom. Maybe sometimes I shed a few tears I have nothing and I’m alone because I’m a radical activist in a niche area… but at least I can prove one thing… (I got laid… a few times in history).



Yes. Dante is my #1.