And so Tinder it shall be

4 years is a long time.
Tonight, I went to the Linux coffee hour and the guys were even like – Damn marcia, we’re going to help you install tinder. Someone suggested Farmer net or something like this.
I was all – there must be something seriously wrong with Robert because I find him attractive.

Yea. Turned out he hasn’t had a job in 10 years or so – yea. I knew it. He couldn’t even scp into his freaking server (lame) and he thinks Red Hat Academy is cool… not that it isn’t… for me, it’s ridiculous.

Of course I was super impressed by his A+ certification – Yea. Right.
This is why I’m single – still…

You always fall for the bad guy.

We started a list –
1. Must love Linux
2. Must have a job


3. Must be able to handle me running through the house with my laptop bag and passport in hand shouting Ciao baby… Got to go try to do some good in this world… as I run out the door.

No. Couldn’t even install tinder on my burner… hehe piece of junk  😉