TOS rant – Coming soon

I really could go and go on this… However – I have to work to make a living so it will need to wait.

1. I call BS on all TOS online – Not legit
2. Your service is only as good as your TOS
3. I hate your clauses that bypass real laws – hello. How is this binding?
4. Very upset about removing my due process rights… you have obligations too as you benefit from my usage.

We need to take back some rights here.
Look what happened at the YouCaring.

So many people are literally screwed over by TOS. I’m really sick of it. Maybe we need a list of what not to agree to… just saying….

TOS – are the suck.

Pedophiles OK, Alex Jones not OK with

I could break down the TOS… but omg… there’s a clause that states we can remove you basically on our whim…
I believe it could have been a false DMCA notification that instantiated the removal…

Terms of service – call it RULES… say what it is… rules you have no power over… you have no authority, no recourse…

Dude… this is not even dated. WTF