The truth will set you free

No worries, people.

Just take precautions if you want to protect your privacy.

Some basic age old tips.

1. Have a separate not connected device
2. Don’t purchase vulnerable equipment i.e. smart tv, smart phones in this one case, I recommend dumb products. LOL.
3. Learn security
4. Use public networks with your VM or dummy machine
5. Take precautions with your vehicle
6. Don’t piss of the wrong people.. JS.
7. Remember one thing… the processor is made by Intel – what did you think?

Also, do me a favor – Don’t ever get in a Google driverless car. I’m just saying. We witnessed running of red lights and heard of some benchmarking that may have been fudged for an audit.

I’m not being defammatory… just what I heard and saw – and just a recommendation.

Look.. you can always find a way to send messages – knitting… lights… music.
Lights, camera, action?

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