History of a ch1x0r: 00


First phreak


Payphone hack when stranded in New London, CT

1980s Norwich Free Academy

high school, could jack any locker

1986 Consumer Electronics Show with dad for Apature Industries (one subsidiary)

1995 Kinkos

Sahara and Decatur = night shift – computer services

1995 Trained in Las Vegas – Excel

The trainer was from M$ and seemed interested in my skills. I hate calc crap. My sister is an accountant… not me.

1995 Consumer Electronics Show

Badge desk temp 😉

When I sat at a video demo and started to use the equipment and make it do cool stuff, like callouts, etc.. people gathered around and I was inadvertently demoing the software. The rep started talking to me in high tech terms about specs and I was like … whoosh and threw my hand over my head…

He told me that he figured I was in the computer science field because not anyone can just sit down and start making the software work.

1996 American Printing, Host Marriott, Business Cards Tomorrow

1997 BCT Tempe

1998 Bowne

1999 Three Rivers Library

Three Rivers IT

2000 New London High

2001 Pearson

2002 Free Sotware Foundation

2003 Aries

2004 ENI, more pearson

2005 Microchip

2009 Storm out of Microchip

2010 Strategic Safety solutions and clients

UC Berkely GIMP Photoshop Project

2012 Tsys

2014 AZ Dept Ed – implementation Blackboard

2015 AZ DOR TPT project

2016 Intel Monkey Media

2017 ASU UX lab ASM Project manager LMS

2018 ASU and Intel, Quantiply, Wiley publishing

2019 Intel

2020 wiley, intel