Did I drop the soap?

Not because I’m female. Not because I’m Asianish. It’s because they are asshats. Not that I don’t think that eventually the client won’t solve it. I just get them there quicker.

More efficient.


And they pay. Last couple times were kind of bad. Solving the raspberry pi and vision bonnet thing… getting it working. But… then, they did a reorg and told me to not do any more sbc work. Oh… but help the intern. The intern then gets a promotion.

This time, I solved a different accelerator issue for a vendor. Kernel drivers, config, user group… etc.

Then, they were able to release the build/product.

A week later, one of the new units arrive!

The one on my desk has been through more hands than a cheap hooker. Pieces missing, not original hard drive… hanging off a ribbon cable… who knows where the parts are… missing wifi module… 1/2… cover? whatever…


they gave it (the brand new unit) to someone else… who sits across from me… the intern, ironically. A different intern, but nonetheless.

Thanks…. do me like that. Let me bend over first.

Alone… as usual

It’s not that I am so frustrated with my work.

It’s that someone asked me if I could use PuTTy today.

I suppose, my response could have been more polite.


“I don’t use PuTTy”

The truth is, this is an ethical thing… not using PuTTy…that’s not going to happen.

It’s the project. I can’t talk about it… but I suspect it would be beneficial to people using lame winblows.

Of course, remember, you have a choice… ok. Although.. learning about their remote management could be useful. Bleh. Come on. I’m not asking for 200+/hr… just let me play with GNU Linux toys.