Monthly Archives: June 2019

  • FLUX and the solo mission

    I left millions for college. Who does that? Noel Lee’s son didn’t. My life, is an adventure… on a shoestring. My dad taught me to solder… as a youth. I was managing the soldering department by 16. While other girls were at the beach, I was knee deep in sawdust and never far from flux… […]

  • Public Domain, Free Culture and Open Source Apps

    Why don’t we have better screensavers. Raspbian has NO screensaver. xscreensaver The drama behind xscreensaver was so amusing to me, I want to me Jaime. What I learned from jmz jmz is the awesome. I mean wtf. Because of his code/error messages, I realized the following: 1. no bc in Raspbian 2. Debian is bug […]