Hey Linkedin – Check it out… new feature ideas…

what your searchers do … has so many possibilities.. (no C0C here so you can shove it)

  • Masterbate
  • Circle jerk
  • try to figure out how much money I make so they can try to con me out of it
  • hate me for being a better coder instead of thanking me for fixing your messed up code
  • act all friggin snotty and selfish
  • hit women
  • punch women
  • Jam a screwdriver into a woman’s wrist for fun
  • Try to find me to serve papers
  • Try to find out more about me during a lawsuit (san..tan…der), now you’ll pay, I mean, I don’t go finding your monthly reports to see what you are up to.

LMFAO – I want those fucking numbers – idiots. Give me something I can use.