My Jam…

Imagine – walking away from a multi-million dollar business – you were groomed to run since childhood – for an education and – within a few months – it was all gone and you were 3000 miles away – 20, no more money, no “real” family (just a bunch of greedy vultures), nothing.

Then imagine someone taking you for labor – and taking 5 years to escape – alive. At that point, you can’t leave those little people with those monsters. I had them, but the courts let him have them – he paid the mediator off, met with the commissioner outside court before the court date. First, you have to find them. Then, you have to extract them, legally where possible. While you work F/T with no car and hotel moteling it on Freakmont street. By the time I found them, the 1 year old had bruises behind his knees from being beaten. The head monster gave me the 3 children, whom I raised – the best I could being a single mom alone. We lived on the college campus for many years. Truthfully, I rarely slept. I would be lucky to get 3 hours of sleep in a row. The Head monster found us. I was working graveyard shift, it was daytime – and my mother was at work. I was sleeping when I shot right up out of bed. I had seen him parked on the street and the children were out front in my dream. I could hear them, they were out front – and there he was, exactly as I had seen him in my dream, my mind… That week I put the kids in a car and headed to Connecticut. I was tired of being scared. Tired of being afraid. Even after he died, I still had fear because I had been living in fear for so long.

Nothing… Nothing! that can happen at work – can really affect my life. It just hurts these people aren’t better. I still have nothing – but as my fortune stated… It’s not what you have, but what you are.


This is getting old:

Let’s put this idiot in charge of the Ch1x0r.

1. I don’t require a babysitter
2. Stop wasting my time with your ignorant questions
3. Stop wasting my time with your level 0 suggestions

You don’t know Linux. You don’t even know the basics. Move over, Winblows user. Let the adults do their work.

1. Dept of Ed – Crazy Business Manager lady wanted to move the LMS to the business unit – including the admin(me) – I said, “I’m not going to be one of her flying monkeys!”

2. ASU – Drupal Admin and maintainer of development docs – they wanted me to report to the Graphic designer – who didn’t know what an algorithm is!!!!!!

3. Microchip – they wanted to have me report to a guy from Canada who then nixed my Linux projects and Masters talk (yes, I walked). “no one is interested in Linux” – Dec. 2008

4. ASM – where I was the Project Manager for the Learning Management System but upon offer for conversion was given the title Technical Support Analyst – the same title as the guy who goes and installs a windows driver + it was a windows shop – I was never given the proper tools to automate their task – I don’t think so – Pass.

5. Dept. of revenue – Literally, the architect and team was making decisions with me and then pretended to ask the other Product owner – she’d say something really dumb and they would say – well, this is what we decided. Overheard a meeting late in the day – the day I quit. Director, “Okay Cindy. I love you”. WTF. No wonder she can be so crappy.

You underhanded fuckers. “Seem” nice but you are assholes.

6. Computer guidance where the Sr. Tech writer wanted to convert all images to 72 from 300 to “save storage” on our server. Really? These are printed and sent with trainers to the customers you freak!


7. Pearson, formerly NCS, where my coworkers told me to put away like 80 files when they took off for lunch – when I had a secretary of my own. OMFG. I don’t think so.

I… Don’t… Think… SO!!!!!!!!