I know what I am

Near father’s day, I think about my dad. I think about him talking to Noel Lee on the phone… joking. He sent a book called, “Everything I know about wire” to him – mr. Head Monster. His son sure in the fuck didn’t take off… rebel and he had a cush life.

I’m losing hope now.

30 years – I don’t think I’ll find that life insurance policy at this point… hehe

Wire wasn’t my thing anyway.  I could get into speakers.

“this is a terrible field for a woman” he told me. He was right. Sawdust factory, spools of wire, and then there was that time we found that rat in the warehouse!

At this point, I’ve had some success. I can say, there were people who were so kind to me, when they thought I still was worth a lot… I know who they are. I have witnessed and experienced genuine kindness. That’s something. At least being poor or average, I was able to see people for who they are. I was treated like anyone else – yea that kinda stung a bit.


Faces of a Free Software Family

You cannot have an ordinary life and an extraordinary life at the same time. – aicra

I don’t regret a single moment.

Even though I’m totally unknown and judgement-proof and anon. These are 2 good guys.

17 years after

^^ The writer


^^The Guru

Here’s another WIP…

^^The savant – son to 2 developer activists… we shall see. Currently Teen Nerd Bird!

The code poet -> Shocked surprised proud and disappointed – this one scripted a patch for his game at 7… WTH! Disappointed because it was VB…


My one – my daughter. My dying flower. My hacker. She made the Pringles can antenna on her own by 18.

She is a rare flower with a rare disease.

^^ My legacy. Maybe I’m couldn’t change the world… find love… or make the world a better place, but I tried – and do love these kids. Justina, William, Cordell, Zack and Alex – The faces of “family”

Their Mom. Maybe sometimes I shed a few tears I have nothing and I’m alone because I’m a radical activist in a niche area… but at least I can prove one thing… (I got laid… a few times in history).



Yes. Dante is my #1.

And so Tinder it shall be

4 years is a long time.
Tonight, I went to the Linux coffee hour and the guys were even like – Damn marcia, we’re going to help you install tinder. Someone suggested Farmer net or something like this.
I was all – there must be something seriously wrong with Robert because I find him attractive.

Yea. Turned out he hasn’t had a job in 10 years or so – yea. I knew it. He couldn’t even scp into his freaking server (lame) and he thinks Red Hat Academy is cool… not that it isn’t… for me, it’s ridiculous.

Of course I was super impressed by his A+ certification – Yea. Right.
This is why I’m single – still…

You always fall for the bad guy.

We started a list –
1. Must love Linux
2. Must have a job


3. Must be able to handle me running through the house with my laptop bag and passport in hand shouting Ciao baby… Got to go try to do some good in this world… as I run out the door.

No. Couldn’t even install tinder on my burner… hehe piece of junk  😉