Andrew’s stove

Today, my son, Cordell, and I went to Andrew’s “bachelor” pad to drop off some cash. I had to go to the Poly campus and Cordell’s advisor was there so, I took him along.

Andrew doesn’t have venmo or paypal, our favorite sushi place was nearby and he gave us a key so, we went.

For almost 2 years, he’s been waiting for a new stove. The other day, he told us he was getting a new one.

When we got there, we saw Andrew finally got his new stove!!!!!!! It looked like, he didn’t know… like it happened when he was at work.
So, I texted him:

Me: I put the cash in the stove
Him: Crazy

I only wish I could see the look on his face when he goes in and sees the new stove, opens the stove to check if the cash was really there.

I like being the ex better than being with him.