IT confessions

…. 20 years ago, I was working in the IT lab. This girl couldn’t login and I was in a computer classroom working on configurations. My IT co-worker was taking the class. I said, “I can help you with that.” She was like, “Uh… I’ll ask someone in IT.”
Well, that was fine but then the teacher was like, “are you even supposed to be in here? I don’t see your name on the roster.. She can just get help in IT. We are having a class here and you are not in this class”
I said, “Oh… I’m supposed to be in here.” as I was working on the machines.
Then, that girl comes back from IT.
“There’s no one at the help desk”.
I said, “Really, I can help you!”
Again, I was scolded by the prof and I looked at my co-worker (shrug) and left. But not before getting the name of the new professor.
So… the students had to write the request on a paper (golf pencils provided) and put it in a metal box for password resets.
I had the key to the requests and I opened the box.
I didn’t know which one she was (the girl with the missing password). So I narrowed it down by request…
Somehow… her request kept disappearing…
huh… go figure.
So.. one day, the manager is like, “I got a visit from a student. Her requests keep disappearing…”
I turn to my coworker – who was in the class I was doing updates in.. and I go,
“I thought that was a suggestion box? Isn’t it for suggestions?”
Good old days.