The Chixor Manifesto

Ch1x0r Manifesto

The following was written shortly after my frustration with this world came to a head.

\/\The Life of a Ch1x0r/\/



Written on April 2017


Another one was killed today, it’s all over the internet. “Hacker killed in bike accident, Computer guys committed suicide, hacker overdosed”…
Damn hackers. They just can’t keep their shit together, right. They can do extraordinary things but now they are dead because they are too stupid or too scared. Bullshit. To me, it’s ALL questionable. I know you want to make a difference. I know who you spoke to that encouraged you and who you trusted to help you. These are the same people who cashed in on your death. I am sickened by YOU – media fucker, political bastard, who cashed in on the death of our boy.

We are hackers. We are also your sisters, your aunts, nieces and maybe even your mom!
Did you know when my son found out I was a hacker, he cried. He was 10.
The negative connotation and brainwashing of children about what a hacker is, how the term is used and what we actually are is skewed.

Fuck the mainstream media. Fuck the evil empire.

Yes. I’m a haxor… I’m a chixor.
I also bake cupcakes in a cupcake apron.
I am feminine. I’m a woman. A chick. I love gardening and lace.
I can also code like a boss.
Welcome to my world!

We are out there. You don’t know who we are. We are a small fraction of the community. We are chixors.
We are into SDR, and we have DSL (not the kind you’re thinking of!).
We hack the webspace. We integrate with your community. We are… the best of the best social engineers!

Who would ever suspect us? I’ve gotten past 3 levels of security at a firm in Hartford – by ACCIDENT!
You never see our faces because you are focused on other areas of our anatomy. We are phantoms.
Sometimes, we reveal our identities to others in our lives. Other times, we do not.
We have a special set of skills. We have soft and hard skills.

We do not need to act like men to get the job done.
We do not need to abandon our feminine ways to crack into the three letter agencies or orgs.
We are phreakers, crackers, hackers, and lovers.

There are underground communities of women making a difference all over the world. Underground communities hiding victims of abuse, underground communities fighting against pornography, and communities “teaching lessons” to companies with l4m3 network admins…

I’m a mom. I’m at the park or the splash pad. I’m living separated from my ex. I have no one to lean on. No one to tell me it’s going to be okay. My new neighbor is a lame woman with 7 children making extreme noise. “How can I code under these conditions!” She puts her speaker outside and blares the tunes. I know what to do… It may be an FCC violation but this mouth breather doesn’t know that. All I need is a SSB transmitter, power amp and antenna. Take that mouth breather! Just knowing you can take these types of actions make the world a better place for a mom/chixor!

For some reason, I’m not satisfied being a stay at home mom.
I’m not happy the way things are.
I come from a small town. I live in a city.
Maybe I don’t have a boyfriend or husband. There aren’t men comfortable with my level of skills. There aren’t men who can handle not being “needed” or a chixor who can code circles around him.
So, I live alone, maybe I have some cats.

I look like I’m just on the computer all the time. When I was getting my degree – in computer science – someone told me I should spend less time on the computer. I said, “would you tell a nursing student to spend less time in the hospital?”

The fine line.
I can say that once you cross one line, it’s easy to see the door open to cross another. I’ve been there.
Admittedly, I always had the option to be black hat. We all do. Whether we rush through that door or not, that’s the line we choose to cross.

In my experience, I’ve been fortunate to have other options that met the same end. The legal end.
I don’t do drugs. Pseudorandom numbers is my coke. The thrill of figuring out the sequence and timing is a thrill in more ways than one. I do have some weaknesses.

As I got older, being nice to those with less intelligence became frustrating. The little minds with their little games not realizing they are irrelevant and not even worth my time.

One time I discovered a school taking off my son’s shoes to check his socks. He had clean socks. I’m a mom. The socks weren’t always matching but they were clean. The school teachers, upset I said I was tired of their 18th century teaching methods, tried to use this ridiculous fact (not matching socks – dear GoD!) against me.
I’m a mom. I fought back, creating public links to their website to one of mine and questioning whether removing clothing was part of their curriculum. It took months for them to realize this was the case. When they discovered it, they said I had defammatory content on my website and thought I was hacked. I was not hacked you idiots. You were. Too stupid to even realize it.

The frustration… knowing others can do nothing.
The realization… knowing I can do something.
The satisfaction… that comes from a conquest.
The reward…of making right what is wrong in any way I can.

“this is my life’s mission”.
I right wrongs.
Why? My own mother was like, why do you care?
Others cannot. They are not equipped with the skills and mindset to take action.
I have nothing, I have nothing to lose.
I am judgement proof…
Besides, no one knows me. No one cares.

No one cares…
I’m insignificant. A phantom. I don’t get death threats or rape threats. No one knows who I am.

I am… a ch1x0r.

– commander-midnight aka aicra

Reasons why I don’t like/trust the Linux Foundation

1. They are the Linux Foundation – not the GNU Linux Foundation LOL
2. The Linux Foundation training is using Ubuntu and did when Ubuntu was spyware
3. The Linux Foundation welcomed VMware recently as a gold class member

we have been fighting VMWare over GPL for years.

TOS rant – Coming soon

I really could go and go on this… However – I have to work to make a living so it will need to wait.

1. I call BS on all TOS online – Not legit
2. Your service is only as good as your TOS
3. I hate your clauses that bypass real laws – hello. How is this binding?
4. Very upset about removing my due process rights… you have obligations too as you benefit from my usage.

We need to take back some rights here.
Look what happened at the YouCaring.

So many people are literally screwed over by TOS. I’m really sick of it. Maybe we need a list of what not to agree to… just saying….

TOS – are the suck.

I could break down the TOS… but omg… there’s a clause that states we can remove you basically on our whim…
I believe it could have been a false DMCA notification that instantiated the removal…

Terms of service – call it RULES… say what it is… rules you have no power over… you have no authority, no recourse…

Dude… this is not even dated. WTF