Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Hacker for Hire

    Are you tired of inaccuracies in technology in film and tv? Hire me, bitches. Examples: Law and Order CI – You pronounced Peter Junger’s name incorrectly Mr. Robot – Postmates credit (you can’t get there from here) Incorrect avenue – there is a correct one. I know. I have 1000s in credit Limitless – Red […]

  • Preface – Chixor

      Does anyone really read these prefaces? Fine. Whatever. Here’s some front matter and some back_ground. I didn’t necessarily choose hacking as hacking chose me. It was a given. I was faster than most computers, at least faster than any computer I had access to. Seriously. My father worked comms in the Marine Corp for […]

  • 1983 – the year of the hacker in movies

    Everything I learned about hacking – started in 1983. This is when War Games and Superman III came out. Superman III In this movie, Richard Pryor’s character incorporates programming into money using the 1/2 cent rule, he uses social engineering to gain access to a facility he needs to change weather. He’s not really a genius […]

  • SCALE – LA March 2-6

      Be there… or be.. ok, whatever. I’ll be there, man. Getting out of the cave! Woohoo!   Find me – Talk tech, DMCA, whatever. Something for me to think about until I leave the cave again! irc: aicra or maybe if you see me… Catch up with me.   I know… most of my […]

  • Beale Screamer – FREED US!

      The entire concept behind anonymity empowering our community comes from one manifesto. One personage – Beale. Thanks Beale. I, personally, shall remember you always – well, until dementia kicks in… 🙂  – ESSAY   Note from Ch1x0r: In many cases… reporters stated “his” in reference to Beale Screamer. This is simply indicative […]