DMCA Documentary – Video Edits, Day 1

I say day one but really, it’s been 15 years in the making…


Today’s tasks –
Backup content.

The content was placed on an old Mac by a friend of mine.

However, in order to back up the content, I needed to get it externally. This is well over 100gb worth of content.

I had placed this on an external drive… However, this drive is flickering out. Basically, to get it to work, I have to do the old bend the cable to recognize the drive thing and transfer.
The only transfer device I currently have here atm is a 64gb usb drive which is NOT working to transfer the content from mac. I am currently using gparted to convert the format to ext3. Not sure how that will go but giving it a try.

Meanwhile – Listening to this anthem to get me inspired most of the day…

Be excited… big things coming!
Well, I’m hopeful.

Some content was destroyed because of media restrictions – i.e. Hi 8 tape torn and repaired.