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    The Book – is a collection of Science Fiction stories about a machine that can predict how people will die. The Actual Computer … can predict within the time frame of when someone will die. I am officially calling it … Machine of DEATH!!!

  • Seriously… I love the Phantom of the Opera

    Maybe because I also was held by some lunatic psychopath… just kidding… that’s not why I like it. The music, the story… For this one… Josh Groban – I love this man’s voice. What a voice! Amazing. The thing is… I’m not too fond of Kelly Clarkson’s voice with his. Maybe someone else… I don’t […]

  • Seattle LUG – Not … exactly

    So, I did not exactly attend the Seattle LUG but I did have a few minutes to hang out with the Greater Seattle LUG president. He was ultra cool and smart. Also, he was wearing a kilt FTW! After the Security Summit, he, Nate Downes and I hung out for a short while. He was […]

  • September 12, 2015 – Pi Fun- Copper LUG at Gangplank Chandler

    September 12, 2015 – Pi Fun- Copper LUG at Gangplank Chandler

    Today we got Rudy’s Lapdock working!   At first, it seemed like the lapdock wouldn’t power on. We checked the power cord with the multimeter and the power cord worked. So, Rudy did some research and tada!!!! Then, he reset it. He did a reset and a power on at the same time to get […]