All I want is freedom

Her mother said, “your children are all fatherless.” That was especially harsh since she had left the last child’s father about a year ago. He was physically abusive to her. The older children protected her. He did not abuse her while they were around. She felt bad like… her son should have his own life. He shouldn’t have to live with her to make sure she was safe from this man. He really hadn’t physically abused her for many years but threatened to while on vacation.

“I would rather have my children fatherless than have an unrighteous man influencing their lives!”


No one ever loved her.  No one ever would. They had  to be good to the kids too. Those kids were a challenge. Her family didn’t help her. They judged her and said she did it herself. That it was her own fault.  The church members in Az never helped her.  They instead treated her like she had a scarlet letter.  In fact one stay at home mom called her lazy. Lazy.  That was 2005. She was called lazy for not attending homemaking and for hiring a helper. For years she was alone. No family helping her, no members helping her. She had no one to lean on but her heavenly father and savior.

She never had time to think why she was unloved, unappreciated and all alone. She was too busy working, going to grad school and taking care of the kids and bills. Then, when her son was kidnapped  by his grandparents in ct, she needed to hire a helper. Her mother would not help her and God delivered a qualified inactive sister who was a sheer blessing in so many ways. Jesus loved her. She knew it for a fact. Yet she still needed comfort and no one else loved her.

She wept many many tears, alone. She wanted to be loved but knew she was damaged goods anyway.
Her captor’s words ringing daily, still, after 20 years. “No one loves you. No one cares about you. You are nothing.”

It was true. It took her a good five years to escape.

She would never escape the truth – that she was unloved by all but her children.

Family History Tool – 64 Bit Linux … SOLVED

This was actually really easy. Just a small configuration and installing JRE.

The problem I had was editing the video. We really need better video editing tools on Linux. Blender is good. However, this has a lot of options and I believe we need something simple and eloquent.
Anyway, I never edited the video in time for the indexing effort this year.

I did however, create a Distro – Hallelujah – Based on Debian.
Then I thought about this… as I am free software, not open source, that this would be more useful if the distro was based on Mint instead. This way people could actually connect to the internet via wifi.

Here is the prototype on Debian. Will finish the LIVE Mint version – with the Family History Index tool installed already to go… sometime soon brothers and sisters!