Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Deep Dream – So far so good

    A guy in my club did video with it. So, i want to try. So tired now from this day gig. Deep Dream will have to wait until tomorrow. Check it.. all dependencies set up. Now the real meat of it.

  • PI Fun at Gangplank Saturday – July 11, 2015 etc.

    PI Fun at Gangplank Saturday – July 11, 2015 etc.

    Yeah… here’s the link: KALI Pi demo. Guess who has to set that up by noon. Yeah. I always work off the cuff. 1. Got my cable at HeatSync Labs. Hung out for a minute 2. Still need a better cable to play with adb but damn, it was cool. 3. Went to the […]

  • How To Prioritize or maybe How not to…

    These are the projects/tasks for today. Get room for Kali Pi Demo at Gangplank Pick up my laptop cable I left at Heatsync during 2600 meeting Test laptop for monitor compatibility – Failed on presentation Play with Deep dream Play with logcat 1. Getting the room was fairly simple 2. Logcat not working because… bad […]