PI Fun at Gangplank Saturday – July 11, 2015 etc.

Yeah… here’s the link:

KALI Pi demo.
Guess who has to set that up by noon.
Yeah. I always work off the cuff.

1. Got my cable at HeatSync Labs.
Hung out for a minute
2. Still need a better cable to play with adb but damn, it was cool.
3. Went to the gym tonight. Wooohooo. Forgot about an IRC meeting. Oops. But I got a workout!
4. Talked to the guy at work. Don’t ever ask for someone’s perspective of you. Just sayin’. LOL.

Working on Kali pi.

Found another use for a sniffer. OMG.
Very cool.

How To Prioritize or maybe How not to…

These are the projects/tasks for today.

Get room for Kali Pi Demo at Gangplank
Pick up my laptop cable I left at Heatsync during 2600 meeting
Test laptop for monitor compatibility – Failed on presentation
Play with Deep dream
Play with logcat

1. Getting the room was fairly simple
2. Logcat not working because… bad cable – Move DOWN
3. Play with Deep Dream – YEAh!
4. Pick up cable
5. Test laptop

Should my life’s priorities be interdependent on the reliability of a cable.
More than often… YES.

Although, I am quite interested in the GIF entry.