June 2015 – Pi fun at gangplank! Banana “berry”

We had a really good turn out and learned a lot of great stuff.

Here are some things we worked on:

  • Got Android running on Banana Pi.
  • Installed Berry boot and loaded – puppy, retro pi, debian
  • Demonstrated Xbian


Presentation by adrenaline – Automate your redbox top 25 list and email the results to yourself

or cron and postfix your way to entertainment.

BlackList, WhiteList

So, right now, I’m blacklisting a module so another module can load on my Debian box. The problem with port forwarding first is the anticipation in setting up the server is sometimes coupled with frustration.
Normally, I would rather set up the server first and then mess with the network settings
However, here’s the thing…

The router – Not in my room.
Ethernet cable… not an option until my grown adult hacker wakes up from his gaming coma.
Basically, I give him space.

So, I didn’t know the password for the router. It was set up by my ex boyfriend. I know… I wrote boyfriend. I am totally straight… for the record. I know this seems shocking for the guys I reject. LMAO. That happened last week. I guess he must have thought I was gay. No dude. I’m not gay. I’m not bi. I just am not interested in you.

The realization on his part was hilarious.

Anyway, back to this. So, I had to brute force the router… because I couldn’t reset it. That guy is still sleeping. What in the world…. I hacked it like 7 hours ago!

So, sometimes, I tend to ask questions repeatedly. Not because I don’t know what it means. It’s because I cannot believe it and cannot believe you don’t know what that means.

I do this a lot.

So, I was talking with my friend the other day. I made a confession.

ME: I tend to fall for the smartest guy in the room, even if he’s a Windows dev.
HIM: That will never happen.


I should be sleeping… but… it’s the Postman!

I love this movie.
In fact, it’s crazy. I weep when I watch this movie.
No… not because it’s so bad. LOL.

The truth is… I’m waiting for this guy – Superman…

I love these movies where this ordinary person is thrown into a situation where he/she must be courageous and be a light on a hill while taking on certain responsibilities because the lives of others and quality of life of others depends on it.

Decade of the DMCA – Free pdf

For a few years I have shared this book online.

Here is a copy. By the time I convert it to Sphinx… there will be something new and better, right?


In 2008, Anonymous asked me to help them be less anonymous.
My suggestion was – Keep doing what you’re doing! Fight the good fight.

How did they do?

P.S. Kabuki masks are cooler to me.. but less available.