Playlist – Broken

February 2015
2 weeks ago, someone said something horrible to me about why a friend of mine wanted to code with me. Nothing physical. Not because I am an amaaaazzz zing programmer… No. Because he was missing something in his own relationship with his girlfriend of like forever and I was just the unpaid prostitute bridging the gap and filling that void. Glad to be of service. Okay… those are my words… but

It’s not easy being a chixor.
Apparently, he just wanted a female to code with. There’s a first.

I’ve been keeping this to myself for a good few weeks and man, if it isn’t really nice to breath the air again. I’ve been choking on this for what feels like forever. I mean, it’s all a little confusing because I definitely wouldn’t do that to someone.

Those are the times things confuse me the most. That’s why I’m always confused. 😛

I mean, who is the real friend. The guy who told me? The guy who used me like that?

I have a lot of acquaintances. Really. Good enough, right. People will say “friend” but when it comes down to it, it’s just a word.

Besides, you cannot break what is already broken!

Super Secret DRM project at EFF?


We tried with the Digital Speech Project in 2002. Well, now it’s known as Defective by Design.

Yes, at that time, Cory Doctorow was with the EFF. We invited him to be part of the committee. I should know. A few months later, I volunteered with the EFF and worked with him on the DMCA blog.

I hope the EFF are effective in eliminating DRM. Perhaps with Cory’s face as the poster child, it might just work.