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    In Dec 2014, according to sources, the BDFL at Phoenix LUG did not act so benevolent. Neither did his wife apparently. Apparently, the exchange went like this: BDFL of PLUG to member – “F*** YOU!” Member – shocked silence Allegedly, the “steering committee” stepped in and all was good. Odd, that’s not what I heard […]

  • Jeopardy and Linux Trivia Night – Gangplank Chandler

    Jeopardy and Linux Trivia Night – Gangplank Chandler

    It’s no secret that I am seriously involved with MPG LUG in Arizona. The past LUG meeting on the 21st Rocked hard. That night, we: Discussed the future of the club – renaming, rebranding Discussed workshops and topics for future meetings Decided to have a KEY PARTTTEEE Worked on XBMC media for Banana pi Played […]

  • Denver

    Denver was awesome! The LUG there is run by a guy named Griz. He’s awesome. The even was held at McAfee which is actually owned by Intel now. The actual location was in Englewood. There were free beverages but more importantly, there was great discussion. The people at this LUG really really rocked! I’d love […]

  • Managing Documents

    So, I had an epiphany after speaking with a guy the other day. Oh man, how I wanted to reach out to him about the idea but I didn’t see him on any of the Linux lists. I thought his name was Bill. Maybe I was wrong. Anyway, were discussing file management among other things. […]

  • File Systems

    File Systems

    We have a file system hierarchy. Why not some consistent way to organize files. Everyone likes to do it differently. 1. When you are switching computers but using the same distro/os version you can use Linuxrespin – 2. When you are changing distros or os versions, you need your files, right? How can you […]