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  • Anon


    So, some people might wonder what my involvement was with Anons because I have a chapter in my book dedicated to them. Well, I always liked the idea of remaining anonymous. Personally, I think that is a great way to go. It has mystery around it. You know. I mean, who wrote it… anonymous. No […]

  • ASU Saturday November 1 – Intro To Linux

    ASU Saturday November 1 – Intro To Linux

    Well, I started off going to this and the Installfest. The problem – I had forgotten the orange KitKats I promised my friend who attends the installfests. Well, I tried to find some at the store, but could not. Then, I turned it around to get the ones I left at home. So, anyway, I […]

  • Stammistch – October 2014

    Stammistch – October 2014

    This was a bust. We ended up going to Social Box.. Bleh. This was a total disappointment. Not only did I have to hack our way into getting net the month before but this month, there wasn’t even a place to plug in. Seriously! In the past, we always had a place to plug in […]

  • Sunland LUG – November 2014

    Sunland LUG – November 2014

    So, this November – November 12, I did attend the Sunland LUG. There were a few more people this month than in past months. I did miss the October meeting and will miss the December meeting. In Dec., I am speaking to Colorado LUG about Free Culture. I am hoping to get the video equipment […]

  • Arizona – Maricopa Pinal GNU LUG – West Side Meeting

    Arizona – Maricopa Pinal GNU LUG – West Side Meeting

    So, I went to the West Side meeting at Gangplank in Avondale. As it turned out, one of the attendees did not realize there was a meeting just down the road – literally, from where he worked. I’m sure people might get some value from the PLUG. It all depends on your work, your interests, […]