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  • :P

    “LOVE LIVES ON” [Chicago] from Chicago The Band on Vimeo. \ dedeledidiledi Chicago World Tour 2011 – Backstage Pass from Chicago The Band on Vimeo.

  • Some things you didn’t know about me — possibly

    Some things you didn’t know about me — possibly

    I once wanted to start a divorce photography studio to commemorate the joyous occasion. Don’t judge – I think there is a fair market for it! Some of my favorite sayings: Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Ignore your rights, they will go away. Some things I hate people to […]

  • Chilling …

    So, I suppose since it is Throw Back Thursday, we can go back just a bit. Flashback to 2001. I live in Chandler, AZ. I’m a student at ASU. I’m trying to help Mark whatever his name was in the GAIM case. On the phone is Wendy Seltzer. She was telling me about this project […]

  • God Gave Rock and Roll to you…

    There is a list of … THE WORST MUSICAL REFUSE OF THE ’70s   While some songs on this list were overplayed and some were “the suck”, the person who made this list was/is hilarious. For example: Leif Garrett “I Was Made For Dancin'”        I don’t think so OMG. I laughed so violently! Albert […]

  • People Eating Tasty Animals

    I recently read that “In 1999, Seagal was awarded a PETA Humanitarian Award.” In 2011 he raided a house and allegedly killed 100 or so roosters and an 11 month old puppy was allegedly shot and killed. …very interesting… My “PETA” STORY One day, these people were selling puppies in front of the Chevron in […]