Norwich, CT ICE Rink Proposal to spend $680k is chilling – City stopped Food bank donations in 2006

norwichcityI have a few things to say about the $680,000 proposal for installation of the refrigeration unit and such for the Ice Rink.

I read that in 2013, over 70k was spent on cooling repairs for the rink.
Now, the proposal for almost $700,000 is in the works.

My suggestion is to close the rink and put that money somewhere it can help the good people of Norwich.

In 2006, Norwich stopped funding the MLK Jr. Community Center which had an education center and food bank for residents.  The previous donations were 14k a year – to feed and educate those in the town who needed an extra lift and a little hope. The lights went off at the community center last fall and the place was vandalized recently.

The city lacks a viable community center for all residents.

If you believe even one resident in the city of Norwich will go hungry tonight, you must reconsider putting $700,000 into an ice rink and consider putting money toward the citizens of Norwich.

Stop throwing money into the ice rink and Start investing in the people of this community.

If even one belly of a child grumbles, if even one parent goes hungry so his/her child won’t, I admonish you to reconsider throwing $700,000 at an ice rink when these funds could go to better use.

Withdraw this RFP, today.

Citizens – BOYCOTT THE RINK In NORWICH immediately!!!!!