Is Google sexist? We say Yea. If you say Nay… listen to the audio interview

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Google regarding a position in Mountain View. I was surprised because I had applied many years ago for technical writer positions but received no interest.

The recruiter – Jeremiah Anderson.

The position – Technical writer

The interview – A bunch of bullshit.

Frankly, I didn’t even want the job. Silicon Valley pays the same as the valley – seriously. I can make the same amount as a tech writer at Wells Fargo minus the 25-30k a year GooGoo gives in bonuses which likely would just mean a higher tax bracket anyway.

So, why did I take the call. I wanted to hear what they had to say and offer. If it was a good offer, I might consider it even though housing is 4x what I pay here

First, this guy wanted to call me… like on a telephone. No lie.

Then, when he did call, there were technical difficulties so he hung up and called again.

The fact is the recruiter was nice. Maybe he was just a little green. Maybe he was just new at this and unqualified to do the job. Maybe he’s an asshole. Who knows?

Basically, he told me that the position was programming intensive and he didn’t think I could speak with developers. In other words, he questioned my leetness.

Now, I can handle a lot of shit. I have. Call my leetness into question. Roar.

I offered to engage in a challenge. I never received any response to that. Get your best developers and put me in with them for a challenge, I offered. They did not. They didn’t even give me the standard tech test they give programmers. Why not? I hear it’s binary trees. Give me a break. I completed Data Structures with C++ with an A for the lab. Come on… give it to me.


He did not want to hear that I was a programmer.

I’m not a code monkey. OMG. No.

But I am an amazing programmer.





Me: On Datasheets and Design Documents, and that sort of thing.
Google: Gotcha gotcha. I’m familiar with them.

Valley company, right
So familiar with them
I don’t
The position I originally reached out for, I can tell you right now, they are pretty heavy programming positions.

Me: You know what I have to tell you something. I have to tell you something.
this is a little disappointing. I have to tell you because I interviewed with Wikipedia. When I spoke with Qim Gil over there, he was the director of the project,
he said, Oh no Marcia, we, uh as soon as we have an opening for something less development, less code intensive, then, we’ll give you a call.
And I said Whoa Whoa Whoa wait a minute.

My degree in Computer Science doesn’t count for anything, the fact that I can write code, just because I haven’t
worked except for Aries technology as a programmer. You know, I mean, I’ve been using Debian for years, I’ve ported things over, It’s like

Wow! I have all kinds of Sourceforge projects I worked on but that doesn’t amount to anything because I haven’t had a paid programming development position.

And then the guy in my area, he’s a programmer. He does like… C sharp. You know, some other people call themselves developers and programmers.

This is the 2nd time I’ve been turned down because of not having enough development experience.
It’s a little disappointing. You know.

Especially since I have a degree in computer science and a Masters in Technology.
You know, it’s just like… and I can code.



He goes on to say his hiring managers will ask why I haven’t actively worked with coding in the last 5 years.


Last night I was working on 2 mobile apps. Wait just a second here. I use Admob with Google API Level 18, platform 4.3… I do make money from my apps – So, what… isn’t that paid programming.

I made a mobile app for Strategic Safety last month2 weeks ago, I made a mobile app for a homeopathic pharmacy in CT.


He just never gave me a fair shake from the get go. I suppose I could have listed all my programming. He seemed to have made his mind that contacting me… was a mistake.

In the end, I told him my mentor/professor was a fellow at the STC. The recruiter called my mentor “he”.

SHE I corrected him… SHE.