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  • Zorra


    by Marcia Kaoru Wilbur for my little sister, Sue who claims to have enjoyed my writing and said, “I don’t know why you do that technical stuff!” Episode 1 – March 16, 2021: Mexico Raspberry Pi Lab Adventures Mexico was fucking amazing! I touched the ground in Mexico City, single mixed Greek Yankee Japanese woman […]

  • Alone… as usual

    Alone… as usual

    It’s not that I am so frustrated with my work. It’s that someone asked me if I could use PuTTy today. I suppose, my response could have been more polite.   “I don’t use PuTTy” The truth is, this is an ethical thing… not using PuTTy…that’s not going to happen. It’s the project. I can’t […]

  • All is well, except 1 small thing…

    5 years. No child support. Andrew has a job. I just spent 350 on school stuff. It’s not the money… It’s just not right for the little guy. Maybe not so little, but still. All I asked for is 50 bucks towards the kid’s school stuff. Not a dime was received.

  • Do I know how to install Ubuntu…

    Yea. I’m the lead Debian Dev for respin. The things I do for this community… lol.   I realize he asks me these questions because it was a pain point for him. However, don’t start mansplaining this to me… wtf.

  • Lower Lip Service

    Some may look at the scar on her lower lip as a flaw in her beauty but if you were to hear the story of the day she received that scar, that scar she wears with pride, you would see, the scar is what makes her more beautiful. She had foolishly trusted her sister in […]

  • FLUX and the solo mission

    I left millions for college. Who does that? Noel Lee’s son didn’t. My life, is an adventure… on a shoestring. My dad taught me to solder… as a youth. I was managing the soldering department by 16. While other girls were at the beach, I was knee deep in sawdust and never far from flux… […]

  • Public Domain, Free Culture and Open Source Apps

    Why don’t we have better screensavers. Raspbian has NO screensaver. xscreensaver The drama behind xscreensaver was so amusing to me, I want to me Jaime. What I learned from jmz jmz is the awesome. I mean wtf. Because of his code/error messages, I realized the following: 1. no bc in Raspbian 2. Debian is bug […]

  • She Hax

    Ported to the pi – Circus Linux. On pi compiled… not cross but could do that too most likely.

  • My Jam…

    Imagine – walking away from a multi-million dollar business – you were groomed to run since childhood – for an education and – within a few months – it was all gone and you were 3000 miles away – 20, no more money, no “real” family (just a bunch of greedy vultures), nothing. Then imagine […]