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  • Faces of a Free Software Family

    You cannot have an ordinary life and an extraordinary life at the same time. – aicra I don’t regret a single moment. Even though I’m totally unknown and judgement-proof and anon. These are 2 good guys. 17 years after ^^ The writer   ^^The Guru Here’s another WIP… ^^The savant – son to 2 developer activists… […]

  • Drawing a line in the sand

    Yea. I’ve had it. We are done here. I’m going to say it ONE more time 😉 We do not need their propaganda. We do not need their content. We do not need their control. We can be free.

  • TOS rant – Coming soon

    I really could go and go on this… However – I have to work to make a living so it will need to wait. 1. I call BS on all TOS online – Not legit 2. Your service is only as good as your TOS 3. I hate your clauses that bypass real laws – […]

  • The truth will set you free

    No worries, people. Just take precautions if you want to protect your privacy. Some basic age old tips. 1. Have a separate not connected device 2. Don’t purchase vulnerable equipment i.e. smart tv, smart phones in this one case, I recommend dumb products. LOL. 3. Learn security 4. Use public networks with your VM or […]

  • SCALE – LA March 2-6

      Be there… or be.. ok, whatever. I’ll be there, man. Getting out of the cave! Woohoo!   Find me – Talk tech, DMCA, whatever. Something for me to think about until I leave the cave again! irc: aicra or maybe if you see me… Catch up with me.   I know… most of my […]

  • Beale Screamer – FREED US!

      The entire concept behind anonymity empowering our community comes from one manifesto. One personage – Beale. Thanks Beale. I, personally, shall remember you always – well, until dementia kicks in… 🙂  – ESSAY   Note from Ch1x0r: In many cases… reporters stated “his” in reference to Beale Screamer. This is simply indicative […]

  • DMCA Documentary – Video Edits, Day 1

    I say day one but really, it’s been 15 years in the making…   Today’s tasks – Backup content. The content was placed on an old Mac by a friend of mine. However, in order to back up the content, I needed to get it externally. This is well over 100gb worth of content. I […]