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  • She Hax

    Ported to the pi – Circus Linux. On pi compiled… not cross but could do that too most likely.

  • Interesting Enough LMS stuff

    Interesting Enough LMS stuff

    There are certain platforms online that I believe are based on Open Source Software. However, since the GPL doesn’t restrict online offerings and only requires the release of code upon distribution, then these companies are not really violating anything legally. However, it is a shame that they do not openly admit what they are and […]

  • Ported Respin to Mint

    It was really simple. I was a little butt hurt that I was finally recognized as a dev for such a simple port… Sheesh. Really? Minty Fresh

  • September 12, 2015 – Pi Fun- Copper LUG at Gangplank Chandler

    September 12, 2015 – Pi Fun- Copper LUG at Gangplank Chandler

    Today we got Rudy’s Lapdock working!   At first, it seemed like the lapdock wouldn’t power on. We checked the power cord with the multimeter and the power cord worked. So, Rudy did some research and tada!!!! Then, he reset it. He did a reset and a power on at the same time to get […]

  • Family History Tool – 64 Bit Linux … SOLVED

    This was actually really easy. Just a small configuration and installing JRE. The problem I had was editing the video. We really need better video editing tools on Linux. Blender is good. However, this has a lot of options and I believe we need something simple and eloquent. Anyway, I never edited the video in […]

  • Deep Dream – So far so good

    A guy in my club did video with it. So, i want to try. So tired now from this day gig. Deep Dream will have to wait until tomorrow. Check it.. all dependencies set up. Now the real meat of it.

  • How To Prioritize or maybe How not to…

    These are the projects/tasks for today. Get room for Kali Pi Demo at Gangplank Pick up my laptop cable I left at Heatsync during 2600 meeting Test laptop for monitor compatibility – Failed on presentation Play with Deep dream Play with logcat 1. Getting the room was fairly simple 2. Logcat not working because… bad […]

  • Managing Documents

    So, I had an epiphany after speaking with a guy the other day. Oh man, how I wanted to reach out to him about the idea but I didn’t see him on any of the Linux lists. I thought his name was Bill. Maybe I was wrong. Anyway, were discussing file management among other things. […]

  • Banana Pi

    Check out my blog about Banana Pi on