Interesting Enough LMS stuff

There are certain platforms online that I believe are based on Open Source Software.

However, since the GPL doesn’t restrict online offerings and only requires the release of code upon distribution, then these companies are not really violating anything legally.

However, it is a shame that they do not openly admit what they are and share the advances with the community. Not to mention the outrageous prices they charge.

Take for example Docebo. At least they are still Docebo. Oh, by the way, their source code from 2013 is still available out there free and clear. Just saying… They charge an outrageous price for users. Of course this is not any different from other learning management systems like LearnUpon.

What is interesting about LearnUpon is the way they are set up. The user manual uses the term enroll and yet the system… uses enrol

I think there is another system we know of (cough Moodle) that uses the term as “enrol” rather than “enroll”.

I don’t know if their base is Moodle, I’m just saying their documentation is not consistent with their system.

Also, their reporting and payment processing seems very similar.

For that matter, I have seen some reviews of Moodle that are absolutely incorrect.

I’ve seen reviews for other LMS that are incorrect also.

What is the best LMS. There is not one yet.

Some say Saba. Some argue Moodle. Blackboard has some good features. Really, after over a decade of use, these systems are really not any better than one another. Each has similar features and capabilities but often users cannot even customize reports and need to get reports from the database directly.

Some of the LMS have buggy ways to create new domains. Some systems take snapshots and update users based on that rather than connect directly to a database of users. Everything is clunky man… everything except this –

I’m working on single sourcing technical documentation in XML using XSL and CSS to generate SCORM learning. This is the cool stuff! This is the cool stuff. Forget your lousy front end updated RoboDemo … I mean captivate….

Down in the core, that is where it gets cool.

September 12, 2015 – Pi Fun- Copper LUG at Gangplank Chandler we got Rudy’s Lapdock working!


At first, it seemed like the lapdock wouldn’t power on.

We checked the power cord with the multimeter and the power cord worked. So, Rudy did some research and tada!!!!

Then, he reset it. He did a reset and a power on at the same time to get it to work. He says you may need to do it a couple times.

15 - 2

We now have a few different keyboard options. One has a trackball that works. When we wanted to see if the trackball works, Alex said he’d give it a whirl.


15 - 3

HDMI Male to Micro HDMI Female Converter (Black)

15 - 4


We also had some fun with retro pi 3!


20150912_143825 20150912_143829 20150912_143844 20150912_144704

Family History Tool – 64 Bit Linux … SOLVED

This was actually really easy. Just a small configuration and installing JRE.

The problem I had was editing the video. We really need better video editing tools on Linux. Blender is good. However, this has a lot of options and I believe we need something simple and eloquent.
Anyway, I never edited the video in time for the indexing effort this year.

I did however, create a Distro – Hallelujah – Based on Debian.
Then I thought about this… as I am free software, not open source, that this would be more useful if the distro was based on Mint instead. This way people could actually connect to the internet via wifi.

Here is the prototype on Debian. Will finish the LIVE Mint version – with the Family History Index tool installed already to go… sometime soon brothers and sisters!


How To Prioritize or maybe How not to…

These are the projects/tasks for today.

Get room for Kali Pi Demo at Gangplank
Pick up my laptop cable I left at Heatsync during 2600 meeting
Test laptop for monitor compatibility – Failed on presentation
Play with Deep dream
Play with logcat

1. Getting the room was fairly simple
2. Logcat not working because… bad cable – Move DOWN
3. Play with Deep Dream – YEAh!
4. Pick up cable
5. Test laptop

Should my life’s priorities be interdependent on the reliability of a cable.
More than often… YES.

Although, I am quite interested in the GIF entry.


Managing Documents

So, I had an epiphany after speaking with a guy the other day. Oh man, how I wanted to reach out to him about the idea but I didn’t see him on any of the Linux lists. I thought his name was Bill. Maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, were discussing file management among other things. Tonight, I really had an idea that could work.

Well, it’s so simple.
Project Management. I understand that this has been used as a tool before. I was thinking about a project someone told me about where he used git for documents.

A project management tool that is actually a file management tool. Hear me out. This isn’t some lame Sharepoint type project management document management file management tool per se but perhaps an application like no other.

Within the construct of the project management application, the documents would reside in versions in an organized manner laterally. At each milestone, new versions are added. Not some horrible like clickity click click where is that file system but a really organized Timeline like structure. I wished tonight that I could brainstorm this with “Bill” (I think that was his name) because he seems like one of few who actually use his brain.