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  • Public Domain, Free Culture and Open Source Apps

    Why don’t we have better screensavers. Raspbian has NO screensaver. xscreensaver The drama behind xscreensaver was so amusing to me, I want to me Jaime. What I learned from jmz jmz is the awesome. I mean wtf. Because of his code/error messages, I realized the following: 1. no bc in Raspbian 2. Debian is bug […]

  • She Hax

    Ported to the pi – Circus Linux. On pi compiled… not cross but could do that too most likely.

  • June 2015 – Pi fun at gangplank! Banana “berry”

    We had a really good turn out and learned a lot of great stuff. Here are some things we worked on: Got Android running on Banana Pi. Installed Berry boot and loaded – puppy, retro pi, debian Demonstrated Xbian Presentation by adrenaline – Automate your redbox top 25 list and email the results to yourself […]

  • Tina and the Coffee Can Antenna

    Tina and the Coffee Can Antenna

    So, last night, Tina came to visit. I wanted to show her the pi. She was having fun. I always thought maybe the boys would be more interested. Turns out she was! She started asking all kinds of questions. I was amazed. Not amazed that she was interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in the Pi! […]