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  • History of a ch1x0r: 00

    History of a ch1x0r: 00

    1982 First phreak 1983 Payphone hack when stranded in New London, CT 1980s Norwich Free Academy high school, could jack any locker 1986 Consumer Electronics Show with dad for Apature Industries (one subsidiary) 1995 Kinkos Sahara and Decatur = night shift – computer services 1995 Trained in Las Vegas – Excel The trainer was from […]

  • Playlist 2019

    5 years. My worst fear is ending up like my mother – after my father passed – 31 years. Alone. She’s good with that. I’m getting there. Heard this one in Mexico while running from a local. I heard it in front of a clothes store front. Then he appeared again. Go the the bus […]

  • Did I drop the soap?

    Not because I’m female. Not because I’m Asianish. It’s because they are asshats. Not that I don’t think that eventually the client won’t solve it. I just get them there quicker. More efficient. Better. And they pay. Last couple times were kind of bad. Solving the raspberry pi and vision bonnet thing… getting it working. […]

  • Lizard Mishap

    Lizard Mishap

    Today, I accidentally killed a baby lizard with the garbage can. I felt terrible. I feel terrible. It was an accident. Life is so fragile.

  • My Jam…

    Imagine – walking away from a multi-million dollar business – you were groomed to run since childhood – for an education and – within a few months – it was all gone and you were 3000 miles away – 20, no more money, no “real” family (just a bunch of greedy vultures), nothing. Then imagine […]

  • DMCA week

    It wasn’t bad. No stunts. No book. Just work and stuff. I did make this cool AR – if you have HP Reveal – the balloon girl by banksy.