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  • Hey Linkedin – Check it out… new feature ideas…

    what your searchers do … has so many possibilities.. (no C0C here so you can shove it) Masterbate Circle jerk try to figure out how much money I make so they can try to con me out of it hate me for being a better coder instead of thanking me for fixing your messed up […]

  • She Hax

    Ported to the pi – Circus Linux. On pi compiled… not cross but could do that too most likely.

  • My Jam…

    Imagine – walking away from a multi-million dollar business – you were groomed to run since childhood – for an education and – within a few months – it was all gone and you were 3000 miles away – 20, no more money, no “real” family (just a bunch of greedy vultures), nothing. Then imagine […]

  • This is getting old: Let’s put this idiot in charge of the Ch1x0r. 1. I don’t require a babysitter 2. Stop wasting my time with your ignorant questions 3. Stop wasting my time with your level 0 suggestions You don’t know Linux. You don’t even know the basics. Move over, Winblows user. Let the adults […]

  • DMCA week

    It wasn’t bad. No stunts. No book. Just work and stuff. I did make this cool AR – if you have HP Reveal – the balloon girl by banksy.

  • On the Road

    Driving to San Francisco: Realized after several hundreds of miles… there was a train. In fact, this is supposed to be the most amazing train ride in the USA. Well…

  • Accessibility

    This crush has gone to astronomical proportions. LOL. It’s just good to know there are good people in this world.

  • I know what I am

    Near father’s day, I think about my dad. I think about him talking to Noel Lee on the phone… joking. He sent a book called, “Everything I know about wire” to him – mr. Head Monster. His son sure in the fuck didn’t take off… rebel and he had a cush life. I’m losing hope […]

  • Faces of a Free Software Family

    You cannot have an ordinary life and an extraordinary life at the same time. – aicra I don’t regret a single moment. Even though I’m totally unknown and judgement-proof and anon. These are 2 good guys. 17 years after ^^ The writer   ^^The Guru Here’s another WIP… ^^The savant – son to 2 developer activists… […]